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Writing inspiring children’s books is a passion and a dream come true for me. Growing up, I did not own a book until I was 6 years old so I understand firsthand how many children in underserved communities suffer from this disparity. Now that I am an author, it is my dream to donate my books to children in underserved communities locally and across Africa with the hopes of empowering them.

All donations will receive a Gift-In-Kind Acknowledgement Letter from the non-profit partner organization. We would love to have you with us for a great cause.


What We Do

We believe diversity and representation matter and that we have a shared responsibility to teach and inspire young minds of all backgrounds to develop confidence in their own identities and abilities. The core of our books embodies the principles of Ubuntu, which means, “I am because you are”. At Nonku’s Corner, we create books and toys for children with a focus on diversity and representation.

We work with several local and global non-profit organizations to donate copies of our ‘I Celebrate Myself’ book series to children in underrepresented communities across the United States and Africa.

Why it Matters

Every child needs to own a book with characters that look like them. The impact of reading or hearing stories about people who look just like them or others in their communities can be very powerful. Diverse and inclusive books help highlight what we see and experience in the world we live in and can teach us all that diversity and inclusion are strengths. It is particularly important to teach this message to all children at an early age.

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How to Get Involved

It’s very easy! You can purchase copies of the ‘I Celebrate Myself’ book series for donation to any of the non-profit organizations listed below OR any entity of your choice.
Simply let us know in the Order notes section during checkout with instructions on which organization you want your book donations to go to and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy! For donations to all other entities, please provide a shipping address for the donation recipient.
Book donations valued at $250 or more made to any of the nonprofit organizations listed below will receive a Gift In Kind Acknowledgement Letter from that nonprofit organization via email. However, all donors deserve to be thanked, no matter the size of their gift. Please let us know if you require one and we will request it for you.

Ways to Donate Books

Donate a birthday

Happy Birthday To You!!
Got a birthday coming up? Please consider making an impact on the life of a child by donating your birthday to provide books for children in underserved communities locally and across Africa.
Make a birthday donation in your own name honoring your special day by purchasing and donating copies of the award-winning book series, ‘I Celebrate Myself’ to any of the non-profit organizations listed on this page.

Give a memorial donation

Celebrate the memory of a loved one by purchasing and donating copies of the award-winning book series, ‘I Celebrate Myself’ to any of the non-profit organizations listed below who support our mission to inspire and nurture young children to love themselves and embrace the beauty of diversity. Memorial donations are donations given in memory of someone who has passed away as a way to honor both them and their family.


Book donations by corporations and foundations go a long way to supporting our efforts to reach more children in underserved and underrepresented communities. Corporations and foundations can take advantage of our set pricing tiers with discounts starting at 40% on purchases of 50 or more books. Contact Nonku’s Corner to learn more about how your organization can partner with us to make an impact on the lives of children in these communities.

Our Donation recipients

Below is a list of organizations we are currently donating copies of our books to:

Donate a copy of I Celebrate My Skin to Books for Africa
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erie logo
Donate I Celebrate my Skin to Heart for Africa Initiative
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We always welcome new opportunities to work with other nonprofit organizations that support our mission.

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Get in Touch

We invite you to contact us about specific books and collaborative opportunities that may be of interest to your organization. We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with corporations and foundations to extend our reach in underserved communities across the United States and Africa.

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