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“I write children’s books to share my story and inspire my children and young minds to love and celebrate themselves just the way are. To instill and embrace diversity because it is a strength. The core of my books embodies the principles of Ubuntu, which means, “I am because you are”. We are connected as a human race and we need each other to make this world a better place.”

~Nonku Kunene Adumetey~

I Celebrate My Voice


“I Celebrate My Voice” is the second book in the Celebrate trilogy. A book that helps parents, teachers, and caregivers to have meaningful conversations about speaking up and using your voice. It is a joyful, imaginative celebration of our voices and it shows just how limitless our voices are. PREORDER TODAY!

“I Celebrate My Skin” is the first book in the Celebrate trilogy. A book that helps parents, teachers, and caregivers to have meaningful conversations about skin color and colorism. The book includes modern illustrations that weave in a touch of traditional elements, playful language, and interactive fun activities at the end.

Giving back

Writing inspiring children’s books is a passion and a dream come true. Growing up, we had a lot verbal story telling. We did not own children’s books. Now that I am an author, it is my dream to donate my books to children in Swaziland and all over Africa with hopes to empower. I am partnering with Books for Africa and Heart for Africa and all donations will receive a giving letter from these non profit organizations.

Please help support the cause.

Visit the donation page to learn more or Make a donation right away. We would love to have you with us for the great cause

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A joyful, imaginative celebration of diversity.

“In her debut, Adumetey exuberantly expresses positivity around diversity, which isn’t limited to skin color (one kid uses a wheelchair; a father and son are Sikh; children wear various traditional clothing). She also provides helpful vocabulary choices for skin colors. Biswas, an experienced illustrator, uses an appropriately rich palette to convey not just the range, but the beauty of skin hues. The book includes a skin tones coloring page, a crossword puzzle, and a skin-tone matching game. A joyful, imaginative celebration of diversity.

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A WonderFul Message.

“Mrs. Nonku Kunene Adumetey is a wonderful creative that brings a positive message to any school. She has presented at my school for 20 – 80 students in a virtual assembly and special events. In April 2021, she presented at our annual Justice Day event for our primary school. She was amazing. We used her book’s engagement activities and she discussed the focus of her book in more detail. Thank you, Nonku for all you do.”

-From Brian Williams, Inclusion and Community Life


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Passion for diversity.

.””Nonku Kunene Adumetey has led 2 author events at Sacred Heart Schools on Sheridan Road for PreK through First Grade students. She did an amazing job with the book reading and discussion on embracing and celebrating skin tone diversity. The children were engaged and asked thoughtful questions. I would recommend Nonku Kunene Adumetey to do similar events for other schools. Nonku’s passion for diversity and inclusion resonates with how she delivers and engages with the children.”

From Hollyann DePalma, Preschool Director

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